Getting Started

CrossFit Centereach Etiquette

We’d like to set a few ground rules for the gym. Think of this like our home or better yet your home. We want you all to be comfortable and familiar with the gym but respect and understand that you are not the only one that uses it.

Черемхово купить кокаин 1. Say hi to new members or prospective members make them feel welcomed, get to know everyone in the gym! We are family, a team, a community. We want to foster a feeling in the gym that no one is ever in this alone! Everyone knows what it feels like to be the new kid so be sure to put a smile on and say hello to someone new today!

Спайс россыпь в Кохме 2. BE ON TIME! We prefer that you come to class 10-15 minutes early to get yourself properly warmed up. Coming exactly on the hour is OK but know that you only have about 10 minutes TOPS to get yourself ready for class. If you are late to class, it is on you to get yourself caught up. We know life happens, traffic sucks and you got stuck behind every school bus…do what you need to do to catch up.

Устройство ограничения скорости в Барнауле 3. Please do not drop an unloaded bar or a kettlebell. It’s unsafe for you, people surrounding you and terrible for the equipment. Also, if you have ONLY a set of 10# plates on your bar and you need to drop it…control your bar! No one needs their leg taken out because you’re being reckless.

4. Please wipe your sweaty abmat, your chalked up rower, kettlebell and wall ball down after every use. There are usually Clorox wipes available. If not please ask!

5. Please keep the bathroom clean! Make sure if you make a mess you clean up your mess! Also, if there is no toilet paper, paper towels or soap…tell a coach so we can refill.

6. We love our members who like to hang out before and after class, but while a coach is coaching you need to be silent! The smallest bit of noise travels in this gym. It’s hard for us to coach and for everyone to listen/learn with background noise.

7. Please dispose of all garbage in the appropriate receptacle. Water bottles go in the “recycling” bin and garbage goes in the garbage bin. Do not leave your used tape, half full water bottles or wrappers of sorts on the floor or laying around. This ain’t your mama’s house! Clean it up!

8. If a coach asks you to take weight off the bar listen or you can watch us take it off for you. Your safety is our priority and believe it or not we know a thing or two! NO DISCUSSION! Live to WOD another day.

9. Chalk stays in the bucket!

10. CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR! CrossFit can be a humbling experience, especially if you are new to exercise. Come in with an open mind, willingness to learn and have an ultimate goal of fun!

Thank you! We appreciate every single one of you and hope to make this the best CrossFit experience for you that we can.